Why I am Running

            The current political landscape is America is by large a disaster. We have politicians doing what they please and supporting bills and practices that don't help the average Americans at all. All they care about is getting those very large donations that in turn help fund a system that works only for the top 1%.

     We as Americans have a duty to ensure things like this don't happen. We need politicians who are working for the American people not the bottom line or what's in their bank account.  We need more outsiders who can bridge the gap in politics and usher in the age of bipartisan cooperation. 

That's why I'm running.

    I'm running to help usher in the era of change in our country. Like other veterans before me who have ran and succeeded in obtaining office I feel a sense of duty. A sense of duty to my Country to the American people and to my community. 

I believe that together we can spark change in our government and in the way the world views us as a country. 

So let's do this.


Beginning Life

Keith Pottratz is Colorado native born in Thornton, Colorado.


Service to Country

Keith hails from a long family tradition of military service to our country. His grandfather served defeating fascism overseas in WW2 and unfortunately didn't leverage GI or housing benefits as his life was cut short in a civilian automobile accident shortly there after.

His father served in Vietnam fending off communism and two uncles who served in the Army and the Navy during this time. Keith joined the Navy in 2007 after a long family tradition of service and wanting to serve our country caused him to enlist.

He joined in February 2007 and shipped to boot camp in Great Lakes, IL. From there he was shipped to his first duty station aboard the USS Tarawa (LHA-1). He went on one West-Pac and then decommissioned the ship. After that he was moved to the USS Mccklusky (FFG-41) where he served as boat crew in counter narcotic operations off the coast of Central America and helped to deter and confiscate over $1.5 million dollars in narcotics. From there Keith moved to his final assignment the USS Ronald Regan (CVN-76) and took part in Operation New Dawn and Operation Tomadachi which provided relief to Japan after the horrible 2011 Tsunami, and departed the military in 2012 and returned to his home state of Colorado.




After military service Keith moved back to Grand Junction, Colorado and started his degree in Computer Science in Fall of 2014 at Colorado Mesa University. He then moved to Southern New Hampshire University so he could focus on working and finishing school. Keith still resides in Grand Junction, Colorado with his wife Cassidy their daughter Charlotte and their two fur babies.